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Islands Studies, University of Hawaii Multimedia Chuukese Medical Vocabulary Word Lists (Text Images). Arbresh Albanian Over "80,000" (Istituto nazionale di statistica) Arbresh Albanian Speakers in Italy. Intermediate Advanced ATamazight Courses, Lessons, etc. Hanika, Czech Republic Multimedia Czech Text-To-Speech (Text, Images Audio/Sound). Over "40,000" (Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia) Speakers in Serbia. Cham language - eastern cham language western cham language First Year, Intermediate Advanced Eastern Cham Courses, Lessons, etc. First Year Finnish Courses with Text, Images, Animations, Videos/Movies Audio/Sound first year finnish (flash) - Department of Lithuanian Studies, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithaunia Multimedia First Year Finnish Course (Text, Images, Animations, Videos/Movies Audio/Sound). Over "6,000" (Federal State Statistics Service) Speakers in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. Irish Language Dictionary - Gaelige Teanga Foclir For more information see the University of Limerick Irish Text-to-Speech - Text, Images and Audio Gaeilge Téacs-go-urlabhra - Téacs, omhánna agus Fuaime word OR text-TO-speech: "irish" - male AND/OR female voices - Nuance Communications, Inc. Papiamento Courses, Lessons, etc. English Bosnian Dictionary - English Bosnian Dictionary - English Bosnian Translation Bosanski Englesko Rjecnik - Englesko Bosanski Rjecnik - Englesko Bosanski Prijevod Interactive Bosnian Keyboards Basic Bosnian Lessons bosnian alphabets - Omniglot, Simon Ager Multimedia Basic Bosnian (Bosanski) Alphabets (Text Images).

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One of Two Official Languages of Greenland (an Autonomous Country with in the Kingdom of Denmark). Click on Pacific LaCiTO (Pacific/Corpus d'Océanie Languages) ".provides free access to documents of connected, spontaneous speech, mostly in "rare" or endangered languages, recorded in their cultural context and transcribed in consultation with native speakers." Examples of Oceanic Languages Audio Recordings include Languages of New Caledonia. Bruu Vocabulary Audio Lessons (Words Phrases) Click on a "Word List" and then Click on a corresponding "Audio File (WAV or MP3. Sumerian Dictionaries, Lessons, Literature, etc. THE makuva enigma: locatinidden language IN east timor - dating sivusto vapaa-bangalore Authors: Thomas van Engelenhoven Antnio de Almeida, Hosted by the Institutul de Lingvistic al Academiei, Române (Romania) Multimedia Multimedia Makuva Text, Conversation Makuva Wordlist (Text, Images Audio/Sound). Eastern frisian language - saterland frisian language - ostfriesisch Spoken in Saterland, East Frosia Lower Saxony, Germany. For more information see Internet Archive Wayback Machine or Formerly hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology English Tabassaran (South Tabasaran) Dictionary Tabassaran (South Tabasaran) to other Languages "english-tabassaran (south tabasaran "tabassaran (south tabasaran)-english" AND tabassaran (north tabasaran khanag) TO other languages. English Baluchi Dictionaries - English Balochi Dictionaries First Year Intermediate Baluchi - Balochi Courses, Lessons, Textbooks, etc.