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significant point of discussion amid the Comey Twitter din was the eerie similarity between Trumps treatment of Comey and the harassment and abuse of women by predatory men. 14 Green followed her "red pill" videos with a pair of videos looking at the debate over gender identity : "HOW many freakin genders uploaded on June 21, 2017, 30 and "HOW many freakin genders - part 2 (feminism my take uploaded on July. Worth noting is the Courtier's reply-ness of the criticism, ignoring the fact that as an atheist, she doesn't believe yhwh / Allah exists to begin with, rendering the Qur'an, the Hadith, and the huge body of Islamic apologetics irrelevant for her purposes. 19 Many fans were shocked and upset at the news, seeing it as a betrayal of her professed feminist values, and an implicit validation of Chris Ray Gun's views and actions.

So much work ahead to mend, heal, and restore the U in USA. If its about you, you will burn out. The meme was part of the British publics wider reaction to the attack, which was a collective repudiation of terror as a valid response. In turn, she says, the audiences of thers who created those videos came at my channel and abused me and my followers; the harassment included pictures of nooses, death threats, and anti-Semitic messages about ovens, showers, and being gassed. Benjamin especially likes to gripe about Sarkeesians speaking fees and the amount of money she makes neglecting to mention that, in reality, she has had to cancel speaking events due to death threats. Why do you use the word tranny in your video about Haters from 2009?

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So proud that Netflix recognizes the Babadook as gay representation, taco Tumblred, and the rest, as they say, is history. @gogreen18 11 Four hours later We are now under total Republican rule. But its hard to imagine any contexts in which sending death threats or telling a Jewish woman to get in an oven, or even labelling someone a sociopath, can be taken as simple civil dissent especially considering how abusive language can and does manifest as physical threats. 28 note 2 terf war edit In her initial "red pill" video, Green discussed the then-recent controversy surrounding the publication of an article in the feminist philosophy journal Hypatia, in which author Rebecca Tuvel, a philosophy professor, compared Caitlyn Jenner, a trans woman, to Rachel. Troublingly, up until recently, such videos were not only supported by, but incentivized. Until it was shut down in June as a result of Greens red-pilling, that group provided some of the best support online for those facing virtual and physical threats as a result of their views and identity. The police officer, Pc Paul Taylor, wasnt alone security guards were having a blast throughout the concert. WHY I'M.feminist *gasp*, Braless, MTV Laci Green's about page, A fabulous strategy for annoying fundagelicals and conservatives, FreeThoughtBlogs.0.1 Hi Laci why do you use the word 'tranny' in your post?, tumblr Hey peeps I am going to be taking.